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Annual Report

DaPEW Annual Report 2022/23

In the past year, the DaPEW project team has dedicated itself to better understanding the relationship between diversity, inclusion, and productivity through rigorous research, experiments, and engaging events. This report encapsulates the undertaking research that we hope will reshape the landscape of diversity and productivity in the UK. From our research project progress to public media output and events, the annual report provides a comprehensive overview of our mission, progress, and output.

“DAPEW is addressing many of the kinks in the pipeline that diverse talent face when pursuing professional careers. I am honoured to be the principal investigator on this project that has the potential to both remove these barriers and improve productivity in the UK. After all, we know that diversity in knowledge, when embraced, improves innovation and productivity.”

Dr Grace Lordan, Principal Investigator of DAPEW 


Throughout the past year, the dual focus of the DaPEW project has been prominently reflected in our diverse range of outputs. Our research initiatives have delved into the intricacies of building and sustaining diverse workforces, offering organizations actionable insights into optimizing team productivity. Simultaneously, we have undertaken comprehensive studies shedding light on inclusive education policies and practices, contributing to the expansion of opportunities for individuals from under-represented backgrounds.


Our outputs, ranging from research reports to engaging events, vividly demonstrate our commitment to both enhancing UK productivity through diverse workforces and fostering inclusivity in education and career pathways. This holistic approach underscores our dedication to creating a positive impact on multiple fronts, aligning with our overarching goal of driving meaningful change in the realms of diversity and productivity.

Ready to embark on a journey of transformative insights? Start exploring the DaPEW Annual Report now! Get involved in reshaping the future! Connect with us to participate in our impactful research, contribute to innovative strategies, and join the journey towards a more inclusive and productive UK. Your insights matter—reach out to us today and be a part of the transformative change we're championing!



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