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Latest stories and announcements about the Diversity and Productivity project
By the Diversity and Productivity team:
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How Empathy and Competence Promote a Diverse Leadership Culture

Summary:  Achieving gender balance in management teams requires focusing on the role that the leadership environment plays in shaping ambitions, opportunities, and experience. Meaningful diversity and inclusion actions are now seen as mandatory for new generations entering the workforce. But the effectiveness of current measures in the finance sector falls short of these expectations. The 2021 Women in the Workplace study conducted by McKinsey and found that women in North America remain dramatically underrepresented in financial services.

Authors: T. Almeida, G. Lordan (2022)

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Economics in the UK has a diversity problem that starts in schools and colleges

Summary: The future of UK economics is looking predominantly male and disproportionately privately educated. This column introduces #DiscoverEconomics – a campaign to increase diversity in economics led by the Royal Economic Society and with the support of a wide range of institutions involved in economic research, communication and policymaking, including the Bank of England, the Government Economic Service, the Society of Professional Economists and many leading research institutions. The campaign aims to attract more women, ethnic minority students, and students from state schools and colleges to study the subject at university.

Authors: A. Advani, R. Griffith and S. Smith (2019), VoxEU

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How would minimum entry grades affect opportunities in higher education?

Summary: The UK government is consulting on the introduction of minimum eligibility requirements for access to student loans. Claire Crawford and Gill Wyness argue that if such a reform is introduced, it is likely to prevent many who miss getting the required grades from going to university.

Authors: C. Crawford, G. Wyness (2022). Economics Observatory

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