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Discover Economics School Workshops

As part of DaPEW's aim to examine the vital function of the education system as the initial stage of the 'leaky pipeline,' the Discover Economics team is dedicated to enhancing the diversity of economics students, by targeting school students aged 15-18 years old through a series of in-person workshops conducted on school premises. With 888 students across 15 schools engaged in more than 30 sessions currently, the initiative also involves 232 student champions, undergrad or postgrad econ students trained to deliver these workshops.

The campaign's goals include broadening the appeal of economics, altering perceptions of the field, and attracting students from underrepresented groups, such as women, state school/further education college attendees, and minoritized ethnic groups. This effort addresses young people in the 15-17 age range, influencing their post-16 qualification decisions and university or apprenticeship subject choices. By reshaping perceptions and showcasing diverse economists, particularly in schools where economics isn't a subject, the campaign aims to encourage a wider pool of students to consider economics.


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